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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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Truth and Reconciliation Toolkit


Toolkits Reconciliation is an ongoing journey, one that will take a collective effort to find a new way forward. You are invited to contribute to this important conversation and involve your social and professional circles, be it your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or classmates. The Com

Dementia Ventures: Learnings on Engaging with People with Lived Experience


Read below for insightful takeaways from a roundtable discussion exploring the Flipping Stigma toolkit: an online resource with pragmatic strategies for breaking down stigma associated with dementia. Team members from the Building Capacity Project and the Westside Seniors Hub met with Community Part

Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit (PARK) E-Book


Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit (PARK) has published a new e-book on placemaking and physical activity. The e-book called "Let’s Heal Our Cities: Tapping into placemaking and active recreation" gets straight to the basics and the most practical approaches to creating active public spaces th

Webinar Recording: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June, 2022


CanAge, CNPEA, Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario and the BC Association of Community Response Networks would like to thank those who took part in the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day event on June 15, where people gathered to remind the world that human rights don’t get old. If you missed the event o

Dementia Education Program


Alzheimer’s disease, which represents two-thirds of dementia cases, is on the rise. With a powerful demographic shift taking place in Quebec, it’s vital that we ensure that those who are hardest hit receive the training, protection and resources they need. Care partners are at the centre of the

Cannabis and Older Adults eLearning - Free & Accredited!


The response to our Health Canada funded eLearning modules on cannabis and older adults has been outstanding. The free, MOC and MainPro+ accredited English and French eLearning modules can be accessed through the CCSMH website at ccsmh.ca . "Cannabis consumption among older adults has been accele

Report: Current State of Social Prescribing in Canada

Amaan Fazal

This report is the first output of a project being delivered in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing (CISP) and the Canadian Social Prescribing Community of Practice (CoP). The objective of the project is to better understand the current state of social prescribing (SP) in

Podcast: CharityVillage Connects - The Time is Now - Why Canadian Nonprofits Must Digitize to Survive

Amaan Fazal

In this episode, host Mary Barroll explores a bit of a mystery: Why, with incredibly sophisticated technology within easy reach, are some nonprofits still struggling to adapt and take advantage of digital tools? Is it simply a question of cost? Or is something more fundamental at work here, suc

Webinar Recording: Healthy Public Policy: Equitable Extreme Heat Planning with Northern Health


In collaboration with partners in communities across the province, BC Healthy Communities (BCHC) is continuing its speaker series to bring fresh ideas for healthy public policy to local and Indigenous government leaders in B.C. Healthy public policy is a powerful tool for local governments to meanin


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