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As Canada’s population ages, there is an urgent need to reimagine aging to meet the clear expectations of a growing population of older adults. Over 90 per cent of older adults want to age in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. However, these expectations are significantly challenged by uncertainties in family support, personal finances and a system that already has long wait lists for support and care. Many reports have shown that Canada’s approach to supporting older citizens is lagging behind the world in innovation and sustainability and that our systems will be overwhelmed by growing demands in the decade to come. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to create a better future for Canadians as they age. Reimagining aging requires both removing system barriers and enabling innovations that support a new vision and inclusive approach for aging in Canada. The Covenant Family and SE Health launched the COUR


Action for Better Aging initiative in 2021 to improve the quality of life of older adults through mobilized action of influencers and change agents. COUR


is bringing together a coalition of thought leaders (from within and outside health care), decision makers and older adults to help create a new shared path forward. Members of the coalition will help build a roadmap for change based on consensus on priorities and actions.   The COUR


team produced a discussion paper that includes a review of research conducted around the world over the past 10 years, looking at some of the most compelling models and practices to support older adults living at home. Five themes were identified:

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Contact: Zannat Reza (


). Website:


Link to discussion paper:



The partnership between SE Health and the Covenant Family builds on each organization’s strengths and networks. Engagement to date has revealed that diverse stakeholders support COUR


’s vision and are interested in a strong, collective voice for change.

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